Marketing for Roofers Secrets To Get More Leads & Grow
Marketing for roofers

Picture this: a homeowner staring at their leaky ceiling during a thunderstorm. Frantic, they grab their phone and search “roofers near me.” Are you the hero that pops up, or are you lost in the digital abyss?

In the cutthroat world of roofing, marketing for roofers isn’t just about fancy ads. It’s about becoming THE name your community trusts with their homes. With the right strategies, you’ll be closing deals while your competitors are still scratching their heads.

Unleash the Power of Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation is your digital storefront. Here’s how to make it shine:

  • Own Your Google Business Profile: It’s prime real estate in local searches. Fill it out completely, post photos, and actively collect reviews. A glowing profile can be more powerful than a billboard!


  • Master Online Reviews: Positive reviews are gold. Encourage happy customers to share their experiences. Negative feedback? Respond quickly and professionally – it shows you care and builds trust.


  • Join the Community: Don’t just fix roofs, be part of your neighborhood. Sponsor a Little League team, participate in charity events – become the roofing company with a heart.

Become a Search Engine Superstar with a Focus on Marketing for Roofers

  • Location, Location, Location: Local SEO is your secret weapon. Optimize your website and listings for keywords like [your city] + “roof repair” or [your state] + “best roofers”. This is how folks in need find you.


  • Content is King: Don’t be afraid to geek out a little. Blog about common roof problems, the latest materials, even DIY tips (don’t worry, they’ll still call you for the big jobs!). Valuable content builds trust and boosts your search rankings.


  • Pay-Per-Click: The Fast Pass: PPC ads (like Google Ads) can put you right at the top of search results. Target specific areas and keywords to make sure you’re seen by the people who need you most.

Social Media: Where Roofing Gets Real

  • Show Off Your Work: Before-and-after shots are marketing magic. Use Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok to showcase your skills and build a loyal following.


  • Video is Your Secret Weapon: Walk people through a roof inspection, share a customer testimonial, or explain different shingles. Videos are engaging and memorable. [Source: Studies on video marketing ]


  • Get Chatty: Social media is about conversations. Engage with potential customers, answer questions, and build relationships.

Traditional Marketing Still Has Its Place

  • Referral Power: Your satisfied customers are your best salespeople. Set up a referral program with enticing rewards – word-of-mouth is still marketing gold.


  • Go Direct: While digital dominates, don’t underestimate the power of targeted mailers, neighborhood flyers, and even those old-school yard signs. These tactics are great for hyperlocal marketing for roofers.


  • Seasonal Smarts: Timing is everything. Push your services before storm season, offer winter maintenance deals – think like your customers and tailor your marketing accordingly 


Roofing marketing isn’t rocket science, but it does take strategy and a bit of hustle. The great news is, you don’t have to do it alone! At Quinney Media Group, we specialize in helping roofers like you dominate their market with cutting-edge marketing techniques.

Ready to leave your competition in the dust? Contact us today and let’s craft a customized marketing plan that will have your phone ringing off the hook!

Frequently Asked Questions

My website never shows up in searches. How can marketing help with that?

Marketing, specifically strategies like local SEO and content creation, are crucial for boosting your website’s visibility. We’ll analyze your website, optimize it for local keywords, and create valuable content that establishes you as an authority (all things search engines love!)

Social media seems like a waste of time for a roofing company. Can it actually bring in leads?

Absolutely! Social media is where you build relationships and showcase your work. Before-and-after shots, customer testimonials, and even quick roofing tips can generate interest and turn followers into customers. We’ll help you develop a strategy that gets results.

I tried running some online ads, but they didn't seem to work. What am I doing wrong?

Pay-per-click advertising can be tricky! Effective ad campaigns require careful keyword targeting, compelling copywriting, and focusing on your ideal location. We specialize in making sure your ads are seen by the right people at the right time.

Marketing feels overwhelming! Do I really have to do all of this?

 You don’t have to do it alone! At Quinney Media Group, we understand the unique challenges of roofers and create customized marketing strategies to fit your needs and budget. Let’s talk about how we can simplify the process and help your business soar.

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. Our team is always happy to help.

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